In the Community

Deacon’s fund

During the course of our lives unexpected events like layoffs, illnesses and accidents can happen to all of us, and in those times the Deacon’s fund can be used to lighten the burden. It might be a card and flower to the sick, or to pay a utility bill to offer some temporary relief. Whatever the reason for the hardship, we trust God will work through us to provide comfort and share the love of Jesus. Support for the Deacons Fund is through the mercy and generosity of our congregation. Funds are collected every Sunday through the special green envelopes that are available in the church seat rack. We encourage you to support this important ministry as you are able.  Contact Doug Rutan for more information.

Deacon Food Pantry

The purpose of the Deacon’s Food Pantry is to assist individuals and families who are struggling financially by providing food baskets.  Each basket that is given away contains a 28 oz peanut butter, 16 oz jam/jelly, 28 oz chili/pork and beans, 16 oz cereal or oatmeal, 2 lbs of rice, 1 lb pasta, 2 – 24 oz pasta sauce, 3 – cans of soup, 1 – 12 1/2 oz can chicken, 2 –  6 oz tuna, 3 – cans fruit/applesauce, and 3 – cans of vegetables.  Donations of items on the list would be appreciated.   Contact Margaret Cowman or Barb Tamietti for more information.

Special events

The deacons also support and help with special events that occur every year, such as supporting families at Christmas with gifts and meals, helping families with school backpacks and supplies at school start and providing the meal at the Trunk and treat event.  If you would like to help on any of these events look for announcements in bulletins, newsletters, and on Facebook.

Local Groups 

The deacons also support organizations with donations and volunteer help. Some examples of organizations we are or have been helping are: the Boise Rescue Mission, Love Inc., and Hope House.  If you would like to help the organizations we support, please contact the Church.