We are excited to have you explore the following videos for your preparation for ordination and installation as a Ruling Elder serving on session.  Please watch the following videos below for a brief orientation (each video is appx.10-15 minutes each).  After watching the video, please take the quiz below (five questions / quiz) to let us know that you have watched the video and understood basic content.  There are six required videos for you to watch here, but other videos have been created for other topics if you wish to study further.  You can find the entire Theocademy series for Ordered Ministry here.

A) Ordered Ministry 1 Quiz: Click Here 

B) Ordered Ministry 2 – Being Leaders Quiz: Click Here  

C) Ordered Ministry 4 – What is the Church Quiz: Click Here.  

D) Ordered Ministry 5 – Being a Confessional Church Quiz: Click Here

E) Ordered Ministry 8 – Principles of Order and Government Quiz: Click here

F) Ordered Ministry 9 – The Councils of the Church Quiz: Click here