Small Groups at Covenant

We believe that God does some of the best work outside of the walls of our building; in the lives and homes of  those who believe.  Thus, small group ministry is important to us.  We encourage our participants to become involved in a small group at Covenant.  Some of these groups follow congregation-wide studies, and other small groups meet weekly and do their own thing.  
But great things happen when people gather in homes for study and prayer.  We hope you’ll consider small groups to be a vital part of the Covenant experience.  
Below is information about our latest church-wide small group program… 


The End of Me 

Groups of 8-12 adults will gather in homes of our members for building community as we watch videos designed to spark conversation regarding our experience with life, culture and religion.  It will be healthy for us to meet in one another’s homes and pray for one another within a designated time frame (September 2017 – December 2017).  And here is my additional challenge:  Over the summer, I am asking each member to pray for one friend who is not part of a church.  In August or September, I want you to invite that friend to your small group.  The purpose of the invitation is not necessarily to “get more butts in our pews”.  I simply want us to embody the Christian practice of hospitality by creating safe spaces for our fellow human beings to build trusting and safe communities while talking about our experiences of the grace of Jesus Christ.  We will work to ensure that child care is available for small groups that will need that.  Additionally, we will be asking the youth group to engage in this small group to truly make this a church-wide experience. 

Here are the logistical needs:

  1.  We will need about 12 people to host 8-12 adults their homes, while providing or making accommodations for refreshments (hosts will need access to a television). These hosts will select a regular monthly meeting time for their group. Please sign up to be a host no later than July 1.
  2. We are also looking for 12 facilitators for conversation. The host can also be a facilitator, but a host does not necessarily need to be a facilitator.  Small group leaders and hosts will be asked to come to one of two hour-long workshops that will be held after worship in the Van Wyk Room on Sunday August 13 and Sunday August 27. Please sign up to be a facilitator no later than July 1. 
  3. Additionally, we pray that of our members/friends will be willing to financially sponsor a small group. The curriculum items will be around $50.00 per small group.
  4. We need everyone (participant, host, facilitators) to sign up through an e-mailed web-link (here), or at the Connection Center.

As we gather hosts, and discern a variety of meeting times, we will allow individuals to sign up for their self-selected specific group at the Connection Center. 

Our church will grow from this experience.  We will learn more about one another, we will learn more about God’s grace at work in the world around us, and we will consider what “The End of Me” means for us individually.  Please join me in praying for one more person outside of our church to join us, and pray for God’s blessing over this project. 



Pastor Kevin