Descriptions and "What to Expect" For Worship and Ministries This Spring at Covenant

Covenant is taking Jesus' message to love our neighbor very seriously during the pandemic, and we take public health very seriously.  We strive to keep our gatherings at less than 25 people, utilizing physical distancing guidelines and facemasks.   We are offering much educational content online via Zoom, and trying to be very creative in how we gather for the sake of public health.  If you are new, know that we are doing things differently than "normal", but all of our actions are done with public health in mind.  Until "normal" returns, we pray for vaccines and effective therapeutic medicines to get us past the pandemic.  Please click on ministries to learn more about what offerings are listed and how they will be presented in a lower-risk method. 

10:00am Livestream Service.  We trust your judgement and support you if you need to worship from home.  We livestream our 10:00am sanctuary service via our facebook page.  

10:00am Sanctuary Worship.  (This is the same as the live stream service).  Physical-distancing guidelines will be practiced.  This will be a *touchless* service; no bulletins, no passing an offering plate, etc.   While music leaders will offer music, there will be no congregational singing, as singing indoors is one of the best ways to spread the coronavirus.   There will be no Childrens church, nor will refreshments be served.  We wear facemasks.  It may seem that we will "not" be doing many things, but rest assured, we *will* be offering meaningful worship to the Lord our God.  

11:30am—Family Friendly Service. This 30-minute service will take place in our large sanctuary with physically distancing guidelines practiced.  It is fun, energetic, and directed towards families with younger children, incorporating dancing, movement and fun videos.  We wear facemasks.  

6:00pm—Evening Communion Service.  This simple 45-60 minute service will feature led-music, a short sermon, testimony, and “serve yourself” communion.  Physical-distancing guidelines will be practiced.  We wear facemasks.