Descriptions and "What to Expect" For Our Four Different Ways to Worship This Summer

We are learning to "go with the flow" at Covenant, and believe this weekly schedule will get us though the summer and into early fall.  In the meantime, we pray for vaccines and effective therapeutic medicines to get us past the coronavirus.  

10:00am Livestream Service.  We trust your judgement and support you if you need to worship from home.  We livestream our 10:00am sanctuary service via our facebook page.  

10:00am Sanctuary Worship.  (This is the same as the live stream service).  Physical-distancing guidelines will be practiced.  This will be a *touchless* service; no bulletins, no passing an offering plate, etc.   While music leaders will offer music, there will be no congregational singing, as singing indoors is one of the best ways to spread the coronavirus.   There will be no Childrens church, nor will refreshments be served.  Facemasks are strongly encouraged.  It may seem that we will "not" be doing many things, but rest assured, we *will* be offering meaningful worship to the Lord our God.  

11:30am—Outdoor Family Friendly Service. This 35-minute service will take place outdoors in the East Yard.  It will be fun, energetic, and directed towards families with younger children.  Please bring a lawn chair  or blanket or your family members.  The playground will remain closed at this time.  Physical-distancing guidelines will be practiced.  

6:00pm—”Come As You Are” Outdoor Communion Service.  This simple 45-60 minute service will feature singing, a short sermon, testimony, and “serve yourself” communion.  Please bring a lawn chair, bread and juice.  Physical-distancing guidelines will be practiced.